This Exam Class is open to all students at BlueDog, Puppy and Adult levels! Exam classes are your opportunity to test out and move on to the next level. The exams are structured similar to the AKC Canine Good Citizen test, where all items must be performed in succession. Each individual behavior must be performed three times in a row, with no treats in your hand, though Clicking&Treating after each behavior is permitted. High School level students are permitted to give one treat after each set of behaviors. College level students are permitted to give one treat after each set of behaviors and cannot carry a treat pouch for the exam (i.e. there are x number of behaviors to complete, you may bring x number of treats). Do not be discouraged if your dog doesn’t pass his first exam! Each dog learns at his own pace and training should always be fun, first and foremost! Please bring dogs on a flat buckle collar or harness and a short 4-6ft leash. No flexi-leashes and remember not to let your dog approach unknown dogs.


Our "Home Ec." classes for all levels (Puppy and Adult), provide you and your dog an opportunity to work on handling and grooming, introductions to new sounds and sensations, as well as tips and tricks for visiting your vet! The goal of this class is to teach your dogs to be calm and relaxed in those situations that typically get everyone's blood pressure skyrocketing! Whether you have a new puppy who you want to start off on the right paw, or an older dog who finds it stressful to have their nails trimmed, this class will help you and your dog feel more confident and relaxed upon tackling a new task! Bring your own grooming tools, or borrow some from us, but please come with dogs on a short 4-6ft leash and with plenty of yummy treats! No flexi-leashes.


Welcome to BlueDog's Tricks Class at Ruff'n Tumble! In this class we will work on teaching you and your dog fun tricks to enrich your training! Students can also work to achieve AKC Trick Dog Titles and in the process boost your dog's confidence and skills! This class is open to students in both Puppy and Adult levels.